Make real chess progress

Become a Tactic Monster

Tactic rush

Reach the top by solving more and more complex puzzles

Pattern recognition

Instantly recognize common chess patterns


Reduce significatively the ammout of blunder you make

Rated chess puzzles

Climb the ladder by solving high quality puzzles

Practice like a PRO

Chess AI Bot

A chess bot based on artificial intelligence that plays like a human!

Position practice

Work intensively on your weak points and become a pro in specific position

Analyze in depth

Analyze my games

All your games played online analyzed in depth

Analysis board

The ultimate analysis board with advanced features!

Openings theory

A chess companion with 3000+ openings analyzed

practice chess

Don’t pay for deep and powerfull game analysis

But get rewarded instead.

Most chess platforms offer a subscription for game analysis. On Papachess, not only is it free, but the quality and depth of the analysis are much more advanced. The engine dissect all the phases of the game and the key points which will allow you to understand at which moment the game has shifted. It's completely free and your analysis brings you gems that you can spend to improve your learning experience.

Earn +1rubyfor each game analyzed

Don’t pay for deep and powerfull game analysis

Squeeze every second out of training with smart scores!

Identify your strengths and weaknesses in all areas of the game.

The smart scores allow you to identify at a glance what prevents you from progressing in all areas of the game (opening, quality of your movements, time management, defense score, endgame). You get a summary graph of your performance with an indication of how you compare to your competitors. This allows you to know how to focus your training and you will know exactly where to start and where to focus the most time.

Squeeze every second out of training with smart scores!
In development

High quality chess tactics generated specifically for you.

Never do dumb tactics again.

You can't identify tactics in your games? Don't have time to spend hours every day solving drills? Switch to papachess tactical exercises. They are directly generated and extracted from the analysis of your games and will allow you to focus on what is really problematic when you are in front of the board.

High quality chess tactics generated specifically for you.
In development

Papachess Space Repetition System

Learn once. Remember forever.

90% of chess players do not progress. Chess training can be long and tedious. That's why on papachess, almost all the exercises use a spaced repetition method that allows you to strengthen your memory and increase your retention rate in the long run. It is coupled with a Pareto system that focuses the exercises on the 20% that will bring 80% of the results in terms of progression. The Papachess algorithm generates everything for you and has only one mission: to find for you the best ways to progress.

Papachess SRS (spaced repetition system) allows you to memorize in the long term your new tactical and strategic skills. You will be able to revisit your drills regularly to burn them into your memory over the long term and you will be able to identify at a glance all the possible tactics from a position. Papachess SRS is a very motivating method: you see the results of your progress in real time and you gain confidence and a sense of accomplishment as you master new information and skills.

Papachess Space Repetition System