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Welcome to Papachess! Here you can follow the latest updates and improvements. Don’t hesitate to send me a feedback if you have ideas for improvement, bugs or if you want to join the beta tester team.

version 0.6.1

August 28, 2023

  • On the analysis board, scoring includes more move classifications (theory + mistake).
  • On tactic rush, hovering the mouse over a problem displays a preview, clicking triggers the analysis board
  • Correction of a major security bug concerning password reset
  • Correction of a major security bug concerning account creation
  • Implementation of a patreon link on the navigation bar and footer
  • Correction of a highlighting error in the navigation menu
  • Added papachess on Yandex search engine
  • Added chessnut theme
  • Updated footer

version 0.6

August 27, 2023

New chessboard

This chessboard will make it easier to deploy the deck system (see ⁠wanted-features).

  • Possibility of using textures
  • Possibility to view the possible moves of a piece by selecting it
  • Possibility of adding arrows of different sizes/colors
  • Highlight boxes in different colors
  • Possibility of highlighting pieces
  • The ‘dragging’ icon for pieces has been changed to resemble a hand at all times

New analysis module deployed on all papachess infrastructures

  • Game review 2.0 (accuracy fixed)
  • Game insight (who won the opening? You gain the first advantage, etc …)
  • Stockfish 16 replaces stockfish 11 with a +100% gain in performance
  • The new analysis module is capable of detecting great finds, brillants and misses: a tactic or missed opportunity during the game.
  • Explain this move: The module is now able to explain a move.

Redesign of the game analysis page

  • The analysis screen will be separated from game review.
  • Real-time game analysis
  • Game insight
  • Game review
  • Explain this move feature
  • Import PGN
  • Set a custom position
  • Create and edit comment in PGN
  • Add opening theory to the game analysis
  • Add the possibility to continue from the position versus an AI bot

Home page & misc

  • The home page has been redesigned to present the tools more clearly
  • Send a feedback will be replaced by Join the community
  • The current version will be displayed in the footer
  • All icons have been redesigned
  • At the end of a tactic rush session, added the ability to look at the puzzles on an analysis board

version 0.5

  • Added new functionnality : Pattern recognition (tactics)
  • Added new functionnality : Anti-blunder (tactics)
  • Added new functionnality : Chess A.I Bots (practice)
  • Visual improvement of the choice of pieces and the chessboard theme
  • All new layout, colors, and board optimizations
  • Drastically increase speed performance
  • Correction of bugs related to rated puzzles
  • Added 100K + new puzzles

version 0.4.1 : The release 🎉

May 1, 2023

  • Added 10.5K+ puzzles
  • Added 10 new board color scheme (The chess nerd live, King, Azure, Maple, Chessmaster, Blue, Purple, Red, Orange and grey)
  • Added 2 new board pieces theme (Kosal and Cburnett)
  • Added marketing text to home page and game analysis for the launch ! 🥳
  • Added 2 turbo server for fast game analysis
  • Added a new dashboard system on home page
  • Registration are now open to anyone
  • New game fetching system
  • Domain registration (
  • Enhanced page speed and overall performance
  • Fix promotion bug on rated puzzles
  • Fix theming to avoid theme blinking on page refresh
  • Added a blog system

version 0.4

February 3, 2023

  • Redesign game list + added a filter system
  • Adding a feedback system
  • Adding a leveling system for general experience and tactic themes
  • Adding better comprehension to moves in game analyzis
  • Update game analysis to obtain significant performance gains
  • Added rated puzzle game with 3060 ultra high quality puzzles
  • New board layout with adaptative size
  • New typography, icons and interface animations, redesigning components …
  • Added the streak modal
  • Added promotion feature
  • Minor fixes

version 0.3

December, 2022

  • Corrected ratio on game analysis to get better move classifications
  • Added machine learning to analysis system to get better accuracies
  • New app bar (mobile & desktop)
  • Added notifications system
  • New cache system to speed up game analyzis
  • Added 20K+ cached positions, already analyzed on the api
  • Earn ruby for analyzing your games
  • New browser analysis design
  • Fix 404 on analysis menu (temporary)

version 0.2

November, 2022

  • Added stockfish arrow of best move on game analyzis
  • Added board sound and option to disable it
  • Added a back button on games to get back to the list
  • Fix the maximum games fetched by 30 at a time to reduce fetching delay
  • Added fetching indicator when a user link an account to or
  • Refactoring evaluation system and add option to evaluate via the browser

version 0.1

November, 2022

  • Initial release