Amazon Attack: Siberian Attack

Dominate the board with Amazon Attack: Siberian Attack

In this analysis, we'll take a closer look at Amazon Attack: Siberian Attack move by move to assess its strengths, weaknesses, and overall effectiveness in controlling the board.





This line (5 moves) is played in approximately 1 out of every 1000 games

Amazon Attack: Siberian Attack is a chess opening that starts with 1. d4 Nf6, but instead of continuing with the typical move 2. c4, it plays 2. Nc3, intending to follow up with 3. Qd3.

This opening seeks to control the center by placing the queen on d3, which puts pressure on the d5 pawn and prepares for the possibility of castling kingside.

One of the strengths of this opening is its surprise factor. Many players will be unfamiliar with it, and may not know how to respond.

However, this opening also has some weaknesses. It can be slow to develop, as the queen's early deployment means that the knights and bishop can't easily be brought into play. Additionally, the queen can become vulnerable to attack from the opponent's pieces.

In sum, Amazon Attack: Siberian Attack is a difficult opening to play, as it requires precise calculation and planning in order to execute successfully. Nevertheless, for those willing to put in the effort to master it, this opening can be a powerful weapon in their chess arsenal.

Amazon Attack: Siberian Attack, move by move



In the Amazon Attack: Siberian Attack chess opening, White begins with the move d4, controlling the center of the board. This move supports White's plan to develop their pieces and eventually launch an attack on Black's position. By occupying the center with the pawn, White puts pressure on Black's pieces and limits their ability to move freely. The d4 pawn also prepares for the deployment of White's minor pieces, like the knights and bishops, which can be beneficial in the middle game. In sum, the d4 move is a strong opening move, setting the stage for a well-executed attack by White.

Amazon Attack: Siberian Attack d4



In response to White's opening move, Black plays Nf6 in order to control the center squares as well and put pressure on White's d4 pawn. Additionally, the knight on f6 has the advantage of being able to attack White's e4 square. By placing the knight on f6, Black also prepares for the development of their other pieces like the bishop or the queen. This move is common in many chess openings and sets the stage for strategic play in the middle game. In sum, the Nf6 move allows Black to contest for control of the board and sets up their pieces for future maneuvers.

Amazon Attack: Siberian Attack Nf6



The move Nc3 by White develops a piece and prepares for the pawn advance to d5 by Black. By placing the knight on c3, White also controls the d5 square and puts pressure on Black's knight on f6. This move sets the stage for the tactical option of pushing the pawn to e4 later in the game and exploit the weakness in Black's pawn structure. The knight on c3 is also well placed to support the attack on Black's position in the center. In sum, this move is a part of the opening strategy of White to gain control in the center and prepare for a strong attack.

Amazon Attack: Siberian Attack Nc3



In the Amazon Attack: Siberian Attack, Black plays d5 in response to White's knight move to c3, aiming to control the center of the board. By pushing the pawn to d5, Black advances a pawn structure that challenges White's control of the center and prepares to counterattack. The move also supports the Black's knight on f6, which might be attacked by White's pawn on d4. Black's d5 pawn also provides support for the bishop on c8 to be developed later in the game. In sum, this move is an important part of Black's opening strategy aimed at counterattacking and gaining control in the center of the board.

Amazon Attack: Siberian Attack d5



In the chess opening sequence of 1. d4 Nf6 2. Nc3 d5, the move Qd3 by White aims to challenge Black's pawn on d5 and put pressure on Black's knight on f6. By placing the queen on d3, White prepares to connect their rooks through the e1 square, putting more pressure on the center of the board. Additionally, the queen on d3 might support White's possible pawn advance to f4 in the future. The position of the queen on d3 also allows the knight on c3 to be deployed elsewhere, such as to e2 or d5 square. In summary, the Qd3 move is a part of the opening strategy of White that emphasizes control over the center of the board and places pressure on Black's position.

Amazon Attack: Siberian Attack Qd3

How to play the Amazon Attack: Siberian Attack

Amazon Attack: Siberian Attack starts with 1. d4 Nf6, followed by 2. Nc3 to prepare for the queen on d3. After the queen is deployed to d3, you can castle kingside and quickly bring the rook to the open c-file. Use the pawn on d5 as a target by placing your knights and bishops in a position to attack it. Stay alert to your opponent's moves to protect the queen and stay on top of the position.

How to counter the Amazon Attack: Siberian Attack

Amazon Attack: Siberian Attack can be countered by developing your pieces quickly to control the center. Avoid moves that directly attack the queen, as it can lead to strong counterplay for your opponent. Use tactics to drive the queen away from d3, or force it to make defensive moves. Attack the knight on c3 to force your opponent to move it, which can disrupt their plans. Stay vigilant against potential pawn pushes by your opponent, which can lead to weaknesses in their own position.

Pawn structure in the Amazon Attack: Siberian Attack

The pawn structure in Amazon Attack: Siberian Attack can vary depending on the moves played by both sides. The White pawn on d4 can be used to control the center, but can also become weak if not supported. The pawn on d5 can be a target for White's pieces, but can also form a strong pawn chain that limits White's mobility. If the pawn structure becomes locked, both sides may need to use their pieces to attack and defend weak points in order to break through. In sum, the pawn structure in this opening requires careful planning and execution to effectively control the board.

The papachess advice

Amazon Attack: Siberian Attack is a strategic chess opening that relies on deploying the queen early to exert pressure on the board. While it offers the element of surprise to those unfamiliar with the opening, its weaknesses require precise execution and adept planning. Players looking to play this opening must be comfortable with slow development, and be mindful of the queen's vulnerability to attack. On the other hand, the opening's strength in controlling the center and creating pressure on the d5 pawn has the potential to lead to strong counterplay and positional advantages. Ultimately, Amazon Attack: Siberian Attack is a moderately difficult opening that can be a valuable addition to a player's chess repertoire when executed correctly.

Amazon Attack: Siberian Attack in brief

Eco code : A45

Controls the center

Surprise factor

Pressure on the d5 pawn

Slow development

Vulnerable queen

Requires precise execution

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