Lasker Simul Special

Lasker Simul Special: A Bold Chess Opening Choice

Lasker Simul Special is an intriguing opening choice that begins with the unconventional moves 1.g3 h5. In this analysis, we will examine the opening move by move to understand its strengths, weaknesses, and the opportunities it presents. By exploring the nuances of this opening, we hope to provide valuable insight into its strategic potential.





This line (2 moves) is played in approximately 1 out of every 1000 games

Lasker Simul Special is an intriguing and unconventional chess opening that begins with the moves 1.g3 h5. Its main strength lies in its surprise factor, catching opponents off guard and forcing them to think outside the box. The opening also allows for early pressure on the opponent's pawn structure on the h-file. However, Lasker Simul Special requires a certain level of expertise and creativity to execute effectively, as it can easily turn into a disadvantage if not played with precision. Players using this opening must be willing to adapt to their opponent's responses and be comfortable with unconventional strategic thinking.

Lasker Simul Special, move by move



In the Lasker Simul Special, White starts the game with 1. g3. This move is also known as the Benko Opening or the Grob's Attack. By playing g3, White aims at controlling the center with the fianchettoed bishop on g2. This move also prepares for a possible later move of d4, allowing White to claim a strong central position. Furthermore, by playing g3, White also avoids many of the well-established opening structures, catching their opponent off-guard.

Lasker Simul Special g3



In response to 1. g3, Black may choose to play 1...h5, also known as the Spike Variation. By advancing their h-pawn, Black aims to control the g4 square, preventing White from developing a knight to that square. This move also gains space on the kingside, potentially setting up a strong attack in the later stages of the game. Moreover, 1...h5 can be a surprise tactic for White players who are not familiar with this rare line, potentially catching them off-guard and forcing them to think independently from early on in the game.

Lasker Simul Special h5

How to play the Lasker Simul Special

Lasker Simul Special begins with the unconventional moves 1.g3 h5. The opening's main objective is to establish early pressure on the opponent's pawn structure on the h-file to create a positional advantage.

Careful planning and execution are required to ensure that the opening does not turn into a disadvantage. Players should remain flexible and adapt to their opponent's reactions to avoid harmful counterattacks.

While Lasker Simul Special is a moderate difficulty opening, it rewards creativity and strategic thinking.

Using Lasker Simul Special can catch opponents off guard and lead to a significant advantage in the game if played properly.

How to counter the Lasker Simul Special

Lasker Simul Special can be a tricky opening to counter, requiring careful planning and an understanding of its weaknesses. The best counter strategy is to remain calm and patient and focus on developing the pieces efficiently.

Players should try to occupy the center of the board to limit the effectiveness of Lasker Simul Special's early pressure on the h-file pawn structure.

Another viable counter-strategy is to respond symmetrically with 1...g6 h6, preventing White from gaining any significant positional advantage.

Taking advantage of White's lack of development by attacking with a well-coordinated strike can also put pressure on White and force them to play reactively.

Pawn structure in the Lasker Simul Special

Lasker Simul Special leads to a specific pawn structure on the h-file that can be critical throughout the game.

At the beginning of play, both sides have pawns on their starting squares on the h-file.

This results in an early game in which the battle for control of the h-file is an essential focus.

As the game progresses, the pawn structure can become an important factor in the development of offensive or defensive strategies by both players.

The pawn structure in Lasker Simul Special allows White to gain an early positional advantage but also presents particular weaknesses that Black can attempt to exploit.

The papachess advice

Lasker Simul Special is a bold and creative opening choice for White, offering early pressure and a surprise factor that can throw opponents off their game.

Like many unconventional openings, it requires careful planning and execution to avoid turning into a disadvantage.

While it presents a moderate difficulty level, Lasker Simul Special rewards players who can think strategically and remain adaptable to their opponent's reactions.

For those seeking to play aggressively and with a touch of flair, Lasker Simul Special is an excellent option.

However, the opening is not without its risks, and players must be aware of their opponent's responses to remain in control of the game.

By exploring the nuances of Lasker Simul Special, players can develop a deeper understanding of the strategic potential and risks involved.

Players should remain open-minded and willing to experiment with different variations of the opening to optimize their gameplay.

In sum, Lasker Simul Special is an exciting and dynamic opening that offers a refreshing change from more conventional opening strategies.

For those looking to embrace a more daring and unpredictable playstyle, Lasker Simul Special is an excellent option that can lead to exciting and unexpected victories.

It is an opening that is sure to surprise and challenge opponents of all levels, making it an invaluable weapon in any player's arsenal.

Lasker Simul Special in brief

Eco code : A00

Surprise factor

early pressure on h-file pawn structure

High risk

requires expertise and creativity

easily turns into a disadvantage

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